Diet | 7, June 2018

1st Official Ambassador: Welcome Steph Clappison!

Steph has now been affiliated with Urban Nutrition for a while and has been spreading the word about the benefits of our meal prep services and is a strong ambassador for the brand.
Thanks for your continued support and welcome to the UN Family!

Personal BIO:

My name is Steph Clappison. I’m 26 years old and I am a toned figure competitor.

I started competing in 2015 with Dan Welburn, from The Musclehoneyz. Since then I have competed in regional, national and international competitions.

This is a list of my recent achievements and I am extremely happy to be the 1st National Ambassador for Urban Nutrition.

Preparing my meticulous calorie and protein intake is hard enough and these guys have really helped me focus on my goals instead of cooking. For what it costs it is undoubtably such an easy mind process to follow. I have tried other ‘long-life’ ready meals and there is nothing much to say.

With Urban Nutrition I do feel that the extra thought and taste they put in to their meals whilst still being healthy options means that I don’t feel like I am having to eat for the sake of it. Now, I actually look forward to my meals and knowing that they have been cooked freshly the day before by one of their chef’s (PS. thank you as I don’t know all your names yet), it is a real comfort.

Of course I have my set Protein intake and use other sources of nutrition, but by far is this the most exiting meal of my day and I plan my whole week around them.

Here’s some of my previous accomplishments and if you want to ask me any questions, please do so at:


  • NABBA British Classic – 3rd place
  • IBFA York – 2nd place open toned figure, 1st place Miss York and an invite to their British finals
  • NABBA UK – 3rd place and invite to the NABBA British finals


  • NABBA British Finals – 6th place and invite to NABBA Universe
  • IBFA British Finals – 4th place
  • NABBA Mr & Miss British Isle – 3rd place
  • NABBA Universe – no placing
  • NABBA UK- 3rd place and invite to British finals


  • NABBA England – 3rd place and invite to NABBA Universe
  • PCA JP’s Grand Prix – 3rd place and invite to British finals
  • NABBA Yorkshire Classic Open – 1st place
  • NABBA Universe – no placing (8th on scorecard)
  • NABBA UK- 1st place and invite to British finals


My aim for 2018 are to win Miss Universe off the back of my recent success at the British.

It takes dedication and a trained mind and body. Concentrate on your training and recovery and let Urban Nutrition take some of the monotonous chores of meal prep out of the equation.

You will get there: Stay focused and keep on aiming higher.

[Photography Credit: By Lee Archer]


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