Storage & Cooking Instructions

Within your delivery you will find some quick reference cards for you to use. Should you ever be without this information or forget, we have the full details here for you to refer back to at any time.

I have just received my Urban Nutrition® package. What shall I do now?

As soon as your product is delivered it enters a temperature control zone that we ask that you follow our instructions to ensure the quality of the product is maintained.

Please follow these steps with every purchase from Urban Nutrition® – Failure to correctly control product temperature can result in a deterioration of the contents not fit for consumption. Every aspect of the cooking process has been crafted for optimum food safety.

Quick Cooking Instructions:

Once delivered refrigerate immediately or freeze within 30 minutes. Keep refrigerated between +1°c – +5°c and consume within two days of delivery or 30 days if Frozen, Freezer temperature should be between -18°c and -23°c.

TO REHEAT – MICROWAVE ONLY (please do not put the product in the oven although the packaging is oven safe, it would not be adviseable due to the mixture of products in the meal)

Microwave ovens vary. The following is a guideline only.

  1. Remove outer packaging sleeve & sauce pots (if any) from inside the tray.
  2. Pierce film lid several times on each side.
  3. Place in the centre of the microwave, on a microwavable dish.
  4. Cook on high (100%).
  5. Stand for 1 min before serving.

Ensure food is piping hot throughout (82°C+). Be careful when removing the cover as hot steam will be released.

Can I reheat my meal twice? 

We do not recommend heating your meal more than once. Once re-heated, consumed whilst still hot.

Can I freeze the delivery box with the meals? 

Yes, you can either freeze the whole box or remove some of the meals for immediate consumption and store the remainder, alternatively all meals can be frozen individually.

Can I take my meal with me to work?

We recommend that a product does not move out of a temperature control zone (your fridge or freezer) for any time longer than one hour. If you are taking your meal to work, please ensure that you place it in the fridge there as soon as you arrive, or use a cool pack or similar inside an insulated container for longer journeys.

Can I recycle my packaging? 

Yes, all our packaging is widely recycled, including the tray and sleeve.