Diet | 27, June 2018

Which Urban Meal Plan is for me?

Urban Nutrition have just launched a new weekly Diet plan range, based on aiding people who are wanting to lose weight but still enjoy fresh, tasty, chef prepared meals. But which Diet plan should you choose?

Finding time to eat well throughout the day is hard, Work Commitments, Family Commitments and other factors all increase the difficulty of eating well.

Some people choose to have breakfast, some people will wait until lunch time to have their first meal of the day, this is a potential 12-16 hour fasting of food. Not eating for this long will have a negative effect on a persons productivity levels as they will most likely be fatigue due to no energy conversion coming from food. We conducted a study of 100 people and found that only 35 people out of the 100 took a packed lunch into work (1 in 3) this left the other 65 leaving work to eat at either a fast food restaurant or a supermarket.

Urban Nutrition have created the news diet plans for those who have busy lives and don’t have time to prepare their daily meals and the meals are delivered to your place of work daily.

How to chose the correct meal plan

Depending on what your calorie target is per day, are you in a calorie deficit, (you want to lose weight), are you in a calorie surplus (you would like to gain weight) or are you a BMR follower (you want to maintain weight).

Lets create 2 examples:

Example 1: 

Name: Jenny  Gender: Female Weight: 82kg Age: 42 Target: Weight Loss BMR: 1511 calories per day

Now Jenny needs to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, So her calorie target per day would be around 1200 calories, if she was to consume 3 Urban Nutrition meals per day then she would already be over-consuming calories. However if she was to have 2 meals per day (average calorie content of 450cal) then all she would have to do is consume 300 calories from other sources (breakfast/snacks). However Jenny likes to spend her weekends with her family and friends so doesn’t want to diet 7 days a week, she only wants to diet for 5.

Nutritional Consultation Result: 2 Meals per day for 5 days per week

Example 2: 

Name: Jess  Gender: Female Weight: 65kg Age: 26 Target: Sport Specific Muscle Gain BMR: 1450 calories per day

Jess is very active, she can easily burn 300 Calories in an hours workout. Jess also needs a lot of protein in her diet to sustain muscular development. Because of how active she is and the fact she wants to put weight on she needs to be in a calorie surplus, making her target more around the 1900 calorie per day mark, she would benefit more from 3 meals per day and tailoring in a high fibre, high protein breakfast into her diet to hit her target. Jess works 6 days per week between 2 jobs and enjoys having her Sundays off to spend with friends and family

Nutritional Consultation Result: 3 Meals per day for 6 days per week 

You need to chose the package thats right for you, and of course, for optimising Urban Nutrition’s products benefits in your healthy lifestyle we ask you to remember our 5 step process:

  • 1: Stay Active
  • 2: Stay Hydrated
  • 3: Stay Focused
  • 4: Stay Happy
  • 5: Repeat Steps 1-4

Urban Nutrition offer free Nutritional Consultations to those who need a little more help with their dieting, email me at to schedule in your free consultation.


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